Fall Decorating Ideas and Tips for Your Bathroom

If someone were to ask me what my favorite season is, my answer would be fall. I love spring because of the birds, flowers, and don’t forget the warm weather but fall is perfect! I love the cool breeze, watching the leaves change colors and of course football!
Fall is also a good time to start decorating your house in different themes. There are so many themes to go with during fall it just makes decorating so much fun. The one room that people tend to lose focus on though is the bathroom. I’m not sure why people don’t find it important to decorate the bathroom for fall because people see your bathroom just as much as the rest of the house.

It seems that when it comes to decorating a bathroom for fall ideas don’t come to mind as easily as they do for the rest of the house. Honestly there are so many ways to bring fall into your bathroom and you’ll be so surprised at how simple it all is to do.

Not everyone wants to paint their bathroom in orange or brown, which are great fall colors, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring those colors into the bathroom without permanent damage.

Purchase bath rugs in orange, yellow, brown or any color that means fall to you. Add toilet covers in the same color.

Hand towels are a great way to display fall colors but also you can purchase these with fall themes such as pumpkins, leaves, or anything that makes you think of fall.

Another great way to bring in the fall color scheme is to purchase a shower curtain with fall items or in fall colors.

For more of a fall feeling put out soap dishes, tooth brush holders, and paper cups with a fall theme. You can purchase really cute cups with leaves on them or soap dishes with pumpkins or in brown and orange. What I think is a really great idea to bring fall into the bathroom décor is to add little soaps shaped like leaves or pumpkins. I love them!

Now if you have children I’m sure you have a night light or two, so why not get a nightlight shaped like a pumpkin or whatever fall them you want. The not only adds fall to your bathroom décor but it also dims the lights setting a fall atmosphere.

I mentioned not wanting to paint the bathroom for fall and that’s ok not to do but you can still add color to your walls by adding fall stickers or pictures. EBay sales really neat stickers that stick to the wall and peel right off without peeling off your paint and most of the time they are priced at 99 cents! You can also save money by taking pictures yourself and putting them in frames on your bathroom wall. If you’re not sure of what type of pictures to take just think about what makes fall special to you, maybe it’s a tree with different color leaves or maybe it’s the sun setting on the river with reflections of leaves falling. It doesn’t matter what you put on your wall as long as it brings in the feeling of fall to you and your family.

Target offers already made berry garlands which would look perfect placed on bathroom shelves or on the back of the toilet with a candle. The prettiest ones to me are the red burgundy fall berry garland priced at $39.99. You can’t beat that deal already made for you and just waiting to be placed on the shelf!

Now that you have a few decorating ideas for you bathroom’s fall theme go ahead and make it happen. You’ll be surprised and how many people compliment your bathroom!

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